Paddock and small holding field maintenance –  if you only have a half acre or paddock/field upto 5 acres –  we can provide cost effective land management.   With a micro tractor and small equipment we can get access through smaller gate ways and manuouver around paddocks.

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We’ve had some very warm and wet weather and that has made for very good growing conditions which is good and bad.  Good if it’s grass or crop but bad if it’s weeds –  also as the season progresses the grass is going to seed, which stops the growth.  What ever is happening in your field/paddock we can probably advise on how best to achieve your goal.   Call us for practical advise on what is best for your paddock.

Topping     –  It mulches the grass as it goes so doesn’t leave grass on the surface.   Ideal for clearing sour areas of horse paddocks, encouraging new growth.   Removal of seed heads to start grass growing again.  Good for reducing the size of weeds in preparation for a treatment of herbicide.

Chain Harrowing  –  Leveling of poached areas,  distributing/breaking up muck on pony paddocks,  breaking up small weeds,  aerating the ground

Spraying-  Qualified to spray chemicals  (PA2) –  trailed boom sprayer for weed management.

Fertilisering – poor grass growth encourages weed growth by fertilising and encouraging grass growth this can also control weeds.

chain Sawing –   logging,  branches removed,  trees felled  – fully qualified

General maintenance around yard/stables/fields.    Please call